In addition to the below, a member club’s Board of Directors, coaches and administrators are covered by US Club Soccer’s general liability policy.

Youth Registration:

All US Club Soccer registered youth players, and coaches and administrators holding passcards are insured by a secondary medical insurance policy. The current policy also covers approved international travel.

The US Club Soccer organization and its member clubs and leagues are also covered for all US Club Soccer youth activities by liability insurance.

Adult Registration:

Adult registration includes all the benefits of other US Club Soccer membership, including general liability and accident (i.e. medical coverage) insurance coverage for clubs, member coaches and officials, players and volunteers of the team or league and participants affiliated with the association.


    1. Claimant/ Parent – Complete and submit a Medical/Dental Accident Claim form
    2. Passcarded League/Club Staff: Complete and submit an Insurance Claim Verification form. Coaches/staff complete an Insurance Verification form (found in the Members Area), not signing the Medical/Dental Claim form in Section III.

To file an accident insurance claim, complete the applicable form on the RPS Programs Bollinger Sports & Leisure website:

Completed medical/dental claim form must be sent to US Club Soccer for a signature in Section III prior to processing. Once verified and signed, US Club Soccer will email the claimant a signed copy of the claim form along with instructions on how and where to submit itemized bills and EOBs. DO NOT send itemized bills or explanation of benefit forms to US Club Soccer.

Send Medical/Dental Accident Claim form only to:


  • Postal Mail: Insurance Claims | US Club Soccer | 716 8th Ave. N. | Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577

If you have questions:

Insurance Claim Verification (#R011) – found in the Members Area
A coach, manager or other passcarded staff, present at the time of the injury, should complete this form when an Medical/Dental Claim form is submitted. This information provides verification of the players injury prior to submitting the claim to the insurance company for review.


Supplemental tournament insurance is offered to hosts of US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournaments in order to obtain liability and accident insurance coverage for all non-US Club Soccer participating teams. (Teams using US Club Soccer passcards already have insurance coverage.) This simplifies attendance for teams, especially if a number of non-US Club Soccer teams are not able to obtain insurance from their state association. To do so, please complete and follow the instructions on the form below.

For additional information related to attending a tournament, please visit the Attending a Tournament page. This includes a US Club Soccer member attending a non-US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament, and a non-member attending a US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament.


RPS Programs Bollinger Sports & Leisure offers an array of optional insurance plans to meet the needs of your team, league and event operations. These coverages are in addition to the accident and general liability insurance programs offered by US Club Soccer.

  • Click here for information on purchasing optional insurance plans through RPS Programs Bollinger Sports & Leisure, including:
    • Directors & Officers Liability
    • Crime Insurance
    • Equipment Insurance
    • Event Cancellation
    • Soccer Camp Insurance


To obtain a certificate of insurance for a facility you may be renting, or if you need one to attend a non-US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament, complete the Request for Certificate of Insurance (#C012) form. Include the name and address of either the club, team, or facility requiring the certificate of insurance. Allow a minimum of three business days for processing. Certificates are valid for the calendar year starting in January and may be requested in late December for the following year.

Fundraiser Certificate of Liability Coverage
Submit the Request for Fundraiser Certificate of Liability Coverage (#IN001) form to request a certificate of liability coverage for a fundraiser. US Club Soccer reviews coverage for fundraisers by examining certificate requests on an individual basis.