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Background Screening


For general background screening information and instructions, visit the Staff Registration web page.


Through the Background Screening Staff Tracking page, a club registrar/official with appropriate authorization is able view a list of individuals who passed US Club Soccer’s background screening in order to aid in completing US Club Soccer staff registration.

To view this list:

  • Visit the Staff Tracking page, and log in to your SportsEngine account. (You may wish to bookmark this page.)
  • Select the state in which your club is located.
  • Select your club in the drop-down menu.
  • All staff members that have passed US Club Soccer’s background screening as of July 11, 2017, are viewable. **

Your club’s list of individuals who passed background screening from July 2016 through July 10, 2017 are accessible via the Archived Club/Org Pages link within this same structure.

Update Information: In order to update the registrar/official from your club who has access to the Staff Tracking page, complete the Background Screening Club/Org Registrar Access Update Form. Please note it will take up to a few days for these updates to be made for your club/organization; it is not instantaneous.


  • You must complete the background screening application yourself. Your registrar cannot do this for you. Any individual who completes an application on behalf of another individual is also subject to suspension or other discipline, and in addition may be subject to criminal or civil liability.
  • US Club Soccer’s background screening is conducted by the National Center for Safety Initiatives via SportsEngine’s platform. You may be contacted directly by the screening vendor if there are any questions or additional information is needed.
  • For international applicants or those who do not have a Social Security Number (SSN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), please contact your respective US Club Soccer administrator for instructions.
  • Background screening results are usually available within 3-7 days, but the specific timeframe varies based upon the amount of time it takes counties and states to return results.
  • The application only needs to be completed once even if you are part of multiple clubs/organizations. You will be able to select multiple clubs as part of the background screening application.

For more information on US Club Soccer’s background screening program, please contact your respective regional administrator.