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Elite National Premier League (ENPL)

US Club Soccer and the Elite Clubs National League created a national competition and development platform for 13-U through 18/19-U boys. The Elite National Premier League (ENPL) provides local and national regular-season competition, national showcase events and postseason playoff competition for top teams across the country.

The ENPL includes both member ECNL Boys Conferences and member National Premier Leagues (NPLs), providing multiple entry paths into the competition. ENPL competition includes 13-U, 14-U, 15-U, 16-U, 17-U and 19-U boys age groups, and includes participating teams from two independent qualification paths: (i) qualifying teams from designated National Premier Leagues across the country; and (ii) qualifying teams from ECNL club-based conferences across the country. 

By providing qualification paths for both team-based and club-based competitions, the ENPL features the best boys players in US Club Soccer. The regular season competition within each NPL and ECNL Boys Conference are unique and independently structured; however, consistent technical and competitive standards apply, and all teams focus on the same postseason destination: the ENPL Playoffs.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 ENPL postseason - including the ENPL National Playoffs and ENPL National Finals - has been canceled.

No teams are guaranteed entry into the ENPL postseason. Whether qualifying through an NPL or an ECNL Boys Conference, all teams earn their place into the ENPL postseason through a full season of regular league play.