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As a benefit to membership, US Club Soccer provides accident and general liability insurance coverage to members while participating in US Club Soccer-operated and -sanctioned Covered Activities. Summaries of coverage are below and linked within this web page.

In addition to the coverage provided by US Club Soccer, US Club Soccer strongly recommends that Member Organizations minimally obtain the following supplemental insurance coverage:

  • Directors & Officers (D&O)
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Coverage - liability and otherwise - for non-US Club Soccer activities

These policies are available for purchase via the Insurance Office or America (IOA), US Club Soccer's insurance broker, but they are also available via other brokers/insurance providers. More information on IOA's offerings is below.

This page is only a summary of the policy benefits, terms and conditions, and does not alter, broaden or limit coverage in any way.

Youth Soccer Programming

All US Club Soccer-registered youth players, coaches and staff members are covered by an accident insurance policy. The current policy also covers approved international travel. US Club Soccer’s member clubs, teams and leagues, and its registered member players and staff members are also insured for US Club Soccer youth activities by a general liability policy.

Adult Soccer Programming

All US Club Soccer-registered adult players, coaches and staff members are covered by an accident insurance policy. US Club Soccer’s member clubs, teams and leagues, and its registered players and staff members, are also insured for US Club Soccer adult activities by a general liability policy. Adult members who register with US Club Soccer receive insurance coverage through the United States Adult Soccer Association. For detailed information, click here.

  • The participant accident policy is a $5,000 maximum benefit plan. Additional coverage is available in the form of a $10,000 or $25,000 maximum benefit plan. For more information, contact Eric Hiatt of USI Insurance Services at or (206) 508-6009.
  • For Directors & Officers coverage to be effective, the League D&O Insurance Form must be completed and sent to Please refer to USASA's Insurance web page.

Certificate of Insurance

Request for Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI)
Please click below to request a COI for US Club Soccer member clubs or the facilities used by US Club Soccer member clubs via our new online form. Allow a minimum of three business days for processing.

COI requests are being accepted for the following coverage:

  • Youth programming for August 1, 2019 - July 31, 2020 coverage period
  • Adult programming for January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019 coverage period

Fundraiser Certificate of Liability Coverage:
Submit the Request for Fundraiser Certificate of Liability Coverage Form (#IN001). US Club Soccer reviews coverage for fundraisers by examining certificate requests on an individual basis.

Supplemental Tournament Insurance

Supplemental tournament insurance is offered to hosts of US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournaments in order to obtain liability and accident insurance coverage for all non-US Club Soccer participating teams. (Teams using US Club Soccer passcards already have insurance coverage.) This simplifies attendance for teams, especially if a number of non-US Club Soccer teams are not able to obtain insurance from their state association or other U.S. Soccer member organization. To do so, please complete and follow the instructions on the form below.

For additional information related to attending a tournament, please visit the Attending a Tournament page. This includes information regarding a US Club Soccer member attending a non-US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament, and a non-member attending a US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament.

Optional Insurance & Services

IOA has created an online marketplace – available at – to provide US Club Soccer members with a simplified way to obtain other insurance coverages and related benefits, both personally and professionally, including:

  • Health Insurance, including major medical, short-term medical, medicare supplement, senior medical insurance, HSA health plans, and group medical (ACA enrollment period runs through Dec. 15)
  • Dental/Vision Insurance
  • Property and Casualty Insurance, including auto, homeowners, renters, powersports and pet
  • Supplemental Insurance, including critical illness and accident
  • Club Benefits and Insurance, including travel, D&O, workers compensation, crime, equipment and event cancellation, and payroll services
  • Life Insurance, including term life and senior/final expense life
  • Warranties, via AmTrust, including protection/service plans for mobile phones, electronic devices and home warranties.

Quotes and policies from various companies can also be retrieved by IOA through the marketplace, giving users the ability to easily discern the best options for them.

IOA recommends that a club considers purchasing the following insurance coverages: Directors & Officers, Employment Practices Liability, Event Cancellation, Supplemental Tournament, Camp, Special Event, Workers Compensation and Property Insurance for equipment. If a club has a physical office space, IOA also recommends a Business Owners Package Policy.

For questions, please contact IOA’s John Burkart at (949) 466-5407 or, or JD Wallum at (719) 651-5582 or


Click here for information on filing a claim for US Club Soccer-provided insurance for youth or adult soccer programming.

  • After US Club Soccer approval of an accident claim for youth registration, please contact IOA’s JD Wallum at or (719) 651-5582.
  • After US Club Soccer approval of an accident claim for adult registration, please contact USASA’s Nick Schmitt at or (708) 496-6876.


Please email the US Club Soccer administrative office at