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Here are three tips to connect players to more college coaches

By US Club Soccer, 11/25/19, 1:00PM EST


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ScoutingZone, the Official Scouting Partner of US Club Soccer, connects college coaches to players on the field where recruiting takes place. ScoutingZone is the most widely used recruiting software by players and college coaches at all major recruiting events throughout the country, as 98 percent of all collegiate soccer programs across all divisions use ScoutingZone to identify, evaluate and track players from event to event.

Here are simple tips to improve players’ chances of connecting to more college coaches, courtesy of ScoutingZone, which is also a Players First partner advancing the pillars of Player Development and Parent Engagement & Education:

Proactively Email

  • Email. Email. Email. The best way to get on college coaches’ radar is through email.
  • Sending one email is not enough. Send emails before a tournament with your schedule, and don’t forget to send a follow-up email after your tournament.
  • Take advantage of “recruiting downtime” while college soccer is in season (now!). This is a good time to send emails. Coaches are more likely to fully read your email now during this "recruiting downtime," as opposed to the chaotic recruiting season where they receive hundreds of emails daily.

Refine Your Top 10 College List

  • Research and evaluate your Top 10 college list. Use ScoutingZone’s college search function to help refine your list and receive head coach contact info, athletic, financial and academic information on every college.
  • Adjust your ScoutingZone Player Profile accordingly and often to keep your Top 10 up to date to connect with college coaches on-site at recruiting events.
  • Remember, college coaches are notified on-site at tournaments if you are interested in their school via your ScoutingZone Top 10. This is a great way to connect on the pitch.

Update Your Player Profile

  • Take this time to update your ScoutingZone Player Profile. A first impression is priceless, and when a college coach opens your profile, a complete profile is most impactful to them.
  • Always include your ScoutingZone Player Profile personalized link at the bottom of all your emails to college coaches. Coaches can simply click your link to learn more about you and your upcoming tournaments.
  • College coaches use ScoutingZone to track players from event to event; this is the most direct link for keeping you on their radar.

As a special benefit to US Club Soccer members, ScoutingZone is extending its Club Connect program at a discounted rate. Please refer to the ScoutingZone Players First web page for those details.


ScoutingZone has changed the recruiting game for soccer tournaments, scouts, and players. The recruiting innovation takes scouting to new levels, making it easier and more efficient than ever before to identify, evaluate, & connect players and scouts. ScoutingZone is the fastest growing recruiting platform used by college coaches today, providing players more opportunities to play college soccer.

ScoutingZone’s mission to assist student athletes in their pursuit of collegiate athletics while helping them reach their highest potential is the foundation of the company’s goals and philosophy.


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