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Sideline Sports Doc: Five tips to help you come back from an injury

By US Club Soccer, 01/29/20, 4:30PM EST


Editor’s note: This article by Dev Mishra, M.D. (president of Sideline Sports Doc) first appeared in SoccerAmerica. Sideline Sports Doc is advancing the Players First pillar of Player Health & Safety through resources that include an online injury recognition training course.

Often when athletes pick up injuries during play, they will visit an orthopedic surgeon, who will suggest rehabilitative physical therapy, or surgery for a more severe injury. Either way, the athlete will face a rehabilitative road to recovery ahead of them. Here are five tips to help with injury recovery from Sideline Sports Doc President Dev Mishra:

  1. Be active as soon as you physically can
    Your body will greatly benefit from activity, but do not push yourself by overdoing it or stretching beyond what your body is ready for. If you have ACL surgery, start moving around on crutches for your first step. Start small and work your way up the ladder until you are back to the same physical condition. 
  2. Restore normal motion as quickly as possible
    Quality movement is a crucial component of injury recovery, especially for injuries to joints. If you have a leg injury that is causing you to limp, it is critical to restore the normal motion mechanics as soon as possible. It might require the assistance of a physical therapist or doctor, but is one of the most important steps.
  3. Don't neglect nutrition
    Since Surgery is a catabolic event, athletes will often require a higher protein diet in the initial post-surgery period, due to it altering one's nutrition requirements. While exercise is essential, nutrition and proper diet is the most essential component of achieving body composition goals.
  4. Pay attention to the difference between pain and soreness
    Since every person responds differently to pain, this varies greatly between each individual. Soreness should be expected to follow when an athlete is going through physical therapy or beginning a new exercise. However, pain or soreness that leads to swelling, mechanical issues, or weakness is not healthy, and could warrant a consultation from a doctor. 
  5. Walk as much as possible
    Walking is a very beneficial habit for anybody, especially those rehabbing from an injury. Walking will greatly boost an individual recovering from rotator cuff surgery, an aortic valve replacement, or knee surgery. Most recovery conditioning programs will benefit from starting off with walking routines and there are many accessible walking programs. 

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