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This page aggregates training resources and links to help you better understand US Club Soccer's National Registration System (NRS), powered by SportsEngine, for the 2020-21 Governing Season. Many of these resources are also surfaced within the NRS.

Key action items for registrars / registration process

1. Access your organization’s SportsEngine HQ account here, and assign permissions/roles to others, as needed.

US Club Soccer’s NRS is located within SportsEngine HQ. A person must be assigned the Org Admin or Governing Season Admin role to work in the NRS. If your organization is new to SportsEngine HQ, your primary registrar has been assigned the Org Admin role and is therefore able to assign roles to others.

2. Submit teams, players and staff to the Governing Season.

For 2020-21, four methods are available: 1) Copy from the 2019-20 Governing Season as a starting point; 2) import via .csv upload; 3) manual entry; or 4) sync from SportsEngine Registration. As part of this process, you will also assign teams to a Governing Division (ex: Competitive - 14U / 2007 - Female) and request association with a US Club Soccer-sanctioned league, if applicable.

3. Purchase memberships for players and staff.

This refers to purchasing a passcard/paying registration fees to US Club Soccer. However, a player or staff member is not registered with US Club Soccer, and the passcard is not issued, until the membership eligibility requirements are met ("eligible" status).

4. Complete membership eligibility requirements, and monitor status.

About 24 hours after membership purchase, the person for whom a membership is purchased (or the parent, if a minor) will receive an email with individualized links to complete any outstanding membership eligibility requirements. These links are also accessible via the user's SportsEngine dashboard. Completed requirements will then be automatically reflected in the NRS.

  • For players: Requirements may be completed by the registrar or the player's parent.
  • For staff: Requirements are completed directly by the staff member being registered. Details are available on the Staff Registration web page.

Registrars are able to monitor status, and send automated reminder emails, via the US Club Soccer tab --> Memberships.

5. Print passcards and Official Rosters, and manage teams.

6. Maintain your organization.

For league administrators

Please review this article for action items, resources and a video applicable to your role as an administrator of a US Club Soccer-sanctioned league.

Contact / Help

For technical  or general account assistance, contact SportsEngine Customer Support via one of the following methods.

  • Start a conversation. In SportsEngine HQ, click on the "Need Help?" flyout window on the right side of your screen, then click "Contact Help". (Preferred option.)
  • Schedule a call. In SportsEngine HQ, click on the "Need Help?" flyout window on the right side of your screen, then click "Schedule a Call".
  • Send an email to (Preferred option for those unable to access SportsEngine HQ.)
  • Submit a SportsEngine support request. (Under "Product being used*" select "US Club Soccer - National Registration System")

Example topics include: Affiliation, data issues, membership or membership eligibility requirement issues, player/staff import or sync issues, granting permissions, how to _____________, unable to access your account or log in, players or staff not appearing on a roster, etc.

SportsEngine Customer Support hours are 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. CT (10 p.m. CT for chat) Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. CT on weekends and holidays.

For account or profile assistance, contact SportsEngine Customer Support via

Example topics include:  Missing or incorrect account information, Duplicate accounts or profiles, incorrect account owner or subprofile, account permissions.

For other US Club Soccer registration or administrative assistance, please contact your respective US Club Soccer membership administrator. This includes questions regarding general policy. Please click on the "Contact Info" header bars below for additional contact assistance for SportsEngine and US Club Soccer.

Karla Dalton

Membership Administrator - A /

Phone: (843) 429-0006 x316

Rachel Burroughs

Membership Administrator - B /

Phone: (843) 429-0006 x321

Angie Loor

Membership Administrator - C /

Phone: (843) 429-0006 x305

Shawna Ziemer

Senior Membership Administrator - D /

Phone: (843) 429-0006 x314


Membership Administrator - E /

Phone: (843) 429-0006 x323

Wake Haga

Membership Administrator - ECNL /

Phone: (843) 429-0006 x308