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Functionality Updates

Below is a list of functionality that either has been recently launched, or is forthcoming, within US Club Soccer's National Registration System, powered by SportsEngine.


  • Eligibility and Roster statuses combined within Governing Seasons
    • One status accounts for both roster status and eligibility status.
    • Roster status remains in "Pending" state until staff or player is completely eligible. 
    • "Membership Eligibility" column has been completely removed to avoid confusion. 
    • Violation and side panel text will highlight exactly why a staff or player is still in a "Pending" state.
  • Update Roster Photo for Claimed or Unclaimed Profile within Governing Season.
    • Admins are now able to add or update the staff or player profile photo for both claimed and unclaimed profiles.
    • Profile photos can be added  regardless of Governing Season CSV import, manual addition, or SportsEngine Sync upload methods.
    • Click here for more. 
  • Jersey numbers on printed Official Rosters.
    • Jersey numbers may now be added to existing player profiles in the NRS [CSV Upload & Manual Addition]. Click here for more.
    • With manual addition, input the jersey number of the player when manually adding them to the NRS. 
    • With SE Sync (SE Premium Customers), jersey numbers added to rostered player profiles on a team page syncs to the NRS. Click here for more.
  • Eligibility requirements displayed in side panel within Governing Season.
    • Side panel shows a view-only status display of each staff and player's eligibility requirements.
    • Can be seen at both the club and league level.
    • Click here for more. 
  • Proof of Birth (POB) documentation added via SE Registration syncs to player profile [only applicable to SE Premium customers]
    • The POB image will sync from the corresponding player's SE registration entry into the NRS once a US Club Soccer membership is purchased. 
    • Please note, waivers are not brought over at this time.
  • [Nov 2019] Viewing cancelled memberships
    • Ability to view cancelled memberships separately from active memberships. Go into your Memberships screen and click "View Active Eligibility" for a membership. At the top of the page are now tabs for "Active" and "Inactive". The active tab contains everyone who has a valid membership. The "Inactive" tab contains everyone who has a cancelled membership.
  • [Oct 2019] Player and staff page enhancements
    • Ability for admins to see which league(s) a player/staff are participating in.
    • Ability for admins to filter players/staff by leagues in which the player or staff is participating.
    • Ability for admins to see US Club Soccer-verified legal information (name, DOB, gender) within side panel.
    • Ability for admins to search players page by US Club Soccer-verified legal name.
    • Once a player has US Club Soccer-verified legal information (name, DOB, gender) verified, this information is used for the passcard, Official Roster, and in the Governing Season rules verification. For example, if a parent incorrectly entered their child's DOB into the SportsEngine profile, the US Club Soccer-verified DOB will be used against the division rules.
    • Ability of admin to filter player/staff by "submitted by" date range. This would allow an admin to select all players submitted within the NRS between a certain date range.
  • [Oct 2019] Team page enhancements
    • Ability for admins to filter by one or more leagues
    • Ability for admins to filter by one or more orgs
  • [Oct 2019] League admin enhancements
    • Ability for league admins to see additional player and staff panel within the side panel. By clicking on the person's name, a side panel appears with detailed eligibility and roster information. The league admin is now able to see which items of membership eligibility are outstanding.
  • [Aug 2019] Select All for membership eligibility reminder emails.
    • ​​​​​​​Ability for admins to send the automated membership eligibility reminder emails in bulk.


  • To be updated shortly.