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Beyond Pulse

Beyond Pulse provides US Club Soccer members with access to affordable, wearable monitoring technology that benefits both players and coaches. With Beyond Pulse Smart Belts, coaches can effectively manage their players’ workloads by tracking heart rate, active participation and distance. Beyond Pulse is helping to advance the Players First pillars of  Player Development, Coaching Development and Player Health & Safety.

Special offer (April 2020):

To lend a helping hand in a time of widespread postponements and cancellations, Beyond Pulse has special offers to all US Club Soccer members and Players First-licensed clubs. Here's an archived Facebook Live about the new "Active Minutes Project."

Speed Series Episode 1: Stages of Speed Trainability in Youth Soccer

Speed Series Episode 3: The Building Blocks of Speed Endurance

Speed Series Episode 2: The Art of Agility - Think Fast, Move Fast

Speed Series Episode 4: Tracking Improvements for Youth Players

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About Beyond Pulse

The Beyond Pulse idea was born out of a desire to help coaches better understand the health and performance of their players. With coaching education at the center, the core strength of Beyond Pulse lies with the unique team of people who are both experts in their field and passionate about achieving the Beyond Pulse mission.

Beyond Pulse is the ultimate soccer coaching diagnostic tool, empowering coaches with critical health data, resulting in better training, improved player health and performance.

Beyond Pulse is proud partners with US Club Soccer and United Soccer Coaches.