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Kimet Sport

Through LaLiga Formation Methodology coaching education courses, Kimet Sport – a comprehensive software platform designed by LaLiga Formation Methodology lead instructor Gari Fullaondo – emerged as a vital tool for participating coaches to implement the training methodology introduced in the course over the course of a full season.

US Club Soccer is now introducing Kimet Sport to its entire membership as a new Players First partner.

Fullaondo, the CEO and founder of Kimet Sport, has extensive experience as a technical leader at the upper echelon of world soccer. In addition to his current role as a LaLiga Technical and Methodological Advisor, Fullaondo is a UEFA-PRO coach with a master’s degree in physical training. He was previously the Director of Methodology of Athletic Bilbao – one of only three clubs in LaLiga to have never been relegated.

Currently, every participant in each LaLiga Formation Methodology course receives a complimentary, one-year license to Kimet Sport. Now, through the addition of Kimet Sport as a new Players First partner, all US Club Soccer members will receive discounted access to a Kimet Sport license. More details about special US Club Soccer pricing is available here. Please contact for more information about what Kimet Planning can offer to clubs and coaches.

Kimet Sport is the first sports consultancy and methodological advisor organization specializing in soccer. Kimet offers clubs and coaches the opportunity and tool to create their own methodology to optimize the training of a soccer team in an easy and efficient way to maximize player development and formation. This methodology has been developed by Gari Fullaondo, former Methodology Director of Athletic Club of Bilbao, and approved by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, LaLiga (Spanish Clubs Association) and the AFE (Spanish Players Association). The Kimet Planning software tool provides this methodology to every coach and club, to allow planning of an entire season easily and efficiently. Kimet Sport also creates individualized formation projects around the world to train coaches, players and clubs with our tool, methodology and knowledge.