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Club Development

Club Development:


At US Club Soccer, we feel our first, and most important, contribution to club development is to empower clubs to develop and run their programs as they see fit, without undue interference. This is supplemented with streamlined registration procedures and event sanctioning.

Thus, online player registration, the freedom to move players between club teams, minimal paperwork, no fees other than for staff and player registration, sanctioned tournaments and leagues at no additional cost, and rules that focus on fair play rather than over-regulation are basic to our member services.

However, our assistance in club development does not stop there.  An important part of our club member meetings has been to elicit feedback on what programs and services clubs want to see, and to implement these programs over time.

US Club Soccer, through its Membership Services Representatives, always stands ready to assist clubs with specific questions and problems, and that includes them in touch with other clubs who have experienced a similar situation.

You’re also encouraged to take advantage of Players First, including its digital information and resources specific to Club Development – one of its five foundational pillars.

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