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Membership/Registration Fees - 2019-20 Governing Season


Membership/Registration Fee


Player – Youth (U-11 and below)


Player – Youth (U-12 through U-19)


Player – Adult (U-20+)


Player – Rec


Does not receive passcard

Player – Super Rec


Staff – Competitive/Super Rec


Passcard valid for 2 Governing Seasons

Staff – Rec


Does not receive passcard


***In addition, staff members (or their club/organization) registering with US Club Soccer are responsible for the cost of the following membership eligibility requirements:

  1. Background screening ($18) - every other Governing Season
  2. SafeSport Training (free)
  3. Sideline Sports Doc (SSD) online training ($5) - every other Governing Season

These are Player Health and Safety initiatives implemented as part of US Club Soccer’s Players First philosophy. For details, please visit the Staff Registration page.

Membership/registration fees are paid annually, with the exception of the competitive/super rec staff membership, which is valid for two Governing Seasons (the one in which registration takes place, and the next). See Competitive Staff Registration-Passcard Validity Dates [.pdf].

Player membership/registration prices are based on birth year, per the age chart.

Fees are non-refundable.