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Membership/Registration Fees

2020-21 Governing Season

Membership/Registration Category

Membership/Registration Fee

Player – Youth (U-11 and below)


Player – Youth (U-12 through U-19)


Player – Adult (U-20+)


Player – Rec


Player – Super Rec


Staff – Competitive/Super Rec (2020-22)


Staff – Rec (2020-22)



***In addition, staff members (or their club/organization) registering with US Club Soccer are responsible for the cost of the following membership eligibility requirements:

  1. Background screening ($18) - every other Governing Season
  2. SafeSport Training (free)
  3. Sideline Sports Doc (SSD) online training ($5) - every other Governing Season

These are Player Health and Safety initiatives implemented as part of US Club Soccer’s Players First philosophy. For details, please visit the Staff Registration and Staff Eligibility Timeframes web pages.

Membership/registration fees are paid annually, with the exception of the competitive/super rec staff membership (and the rec staff membership, starting with the 2020-21 Governing Season), which is valid for two Governing Seasons (the one in which registration takes place, and the next).

Player membership/registration prices are based on birth year as outlined on the Age Divisions web page.

Fees are non-refundable.