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Staff Registration


Pursuant to Policy 4.07, US Club Soccer staff registration is required of all Direct Participating Adults as a condition to participation in US Club Soccer activities. In short, a Direct Participating Adult is anyone directly affiliated with US Club Soccer or a Member Organization who has regular contact with Youth Participants. Visit the Who Must Register web page or US Club Soccer's Policy Manual for details.

Staff Registration/Membership Eligibility Requirements

One is registered with US Club Soccer when the following requirements are completed and current, pursuant to the Staff Eligibility Timeframes:

  • Membership/registration purchase (Usually completed by the member organization’s registrar on behalf of the individual being registered)
  • Background screening
  • SafeSport training
  • Sideline Sports Doc (SSD) training (ending with the 2020-21 registration year)
  • Disqualification/suspension verification (Verified internally by US Club Soccer staff; no action is needed by the person being registered)

Each requirement is detailed in the following sections.

Access and complete eligibility requirements via the NRS

Within the National Registration System (NRS), powered by SportsEngine, there are two ways you may view your eligibility details and access links to complete outstanding eligibility requirements:

1) Access the links contained in the automated email sent to the person for whom a staff membership is purchased; or

2) Via one's MySE/User Profile, once you accept the invitation to join your US Club Soccer member organization, as follows:

  • Sign in to your SportsEngine account
  • Click your profile photo (or initials, if there is no profile photo) in the upper-right corner, then click My SportsEngine.
  • Click the Household tab on the left menu.
  • Click the appropriate profile. (Note: If there are duplicate profiles for the same person, merge them.)
  • Click View Details for the appropriate US Club Soccer membership.
  • On the subsequent screen, click the US Club Soccer membership box again to display eligibility requirement details.
  • Complete your requirement(s).

Completion will automatically be reflected within your profile and therefore update your membership eligibility requirement

Purchase Membership

To complete: Within the NRS, purchase a Staff - Competitive/Super Rec or Staff - Rec membership for the individual(s) you are registering. [Instructions]


  • This step is usually completed by the club/organization’s registrar on behalf of the individual being registered. Anyone with Org Admin or Governing Season Admin permission may purchase memberships.
  • Within the NRS, upon purchase, an email will be automatically sent to the person being registered, as detailed in the Staff Registration/Membership Eligibility Requirements section above.

Cost:  Listed on the registration fees web page.

Background Screening

To complete: Access the background screening application via your unique link as detailed in the Access and Complete Eligibility Requirements via NRS section above section or directly via this link. Please ensure that you complete the application using the same SportsEngine profile that is associated with your US Club Soccer staff membership (often purchased by your member organization's registrar).

Note: COVID-19-related court closures may cause delays with some background screening results. Please check this NCSI web page for more information and a list of affected courts.

Cost / Payment:  $18 per application, payable 1) by the person completing the application, or 2) clubs/leagues may cover the cost for their members by purchasing prepaid codes.

Purchase prepaid codes (for registrars):  Submit the Background Screening Prepaid Code Request Form. PLEASE NOTE: As a result of the transition to GotSport for US Club Soccer player and staff registration starting with the 2021-22 registration year, background screening prepaid codes issued for use in SportsEngine will not be valid after the 2020-21 registration year (ending July 31, 2021). For organizations active with US Club Soccer who have unused prepaid codes after July 31, 2021, we anticipate transferring the balance of those prepaid codes into your organization’s GotSport account for use with future US Club Soccer background screenings. More information on the logistics and timing of this process will be provided as the 2021-22 registration year approaches. If you have questions, email

SafeSport Training

U.S. Center for SafeSport Core online training covers the following subjects: sexual abuse, hazing, bullying, emotional misconduct, physical misconduct, harassment (non-sexual) and reporting obligations. More specifically, there are currently three SafeSport Trainings available - Core, Refresher 1 and Refresher 2.

To complete, or sync completion to the NRS:

  • Via the NRS: Access your "Complete Certification" link as detailed in the Access and Complete Eligibility Requirements via NRS section above. You will be prompted to either complete the applicable course or enter a SafeSport certificate number to sync a completed training using the new SafeSport Lookup functionality (see section below). Each training must be completed or synced sequentially, and you will be prompted to take or sync the next course based on the information currently on file for you within the NRS. Additionally, because a Refresher 3 course is not yet available from the U.S. Center for SafeSport, those who previously completed Refresher 2 will be prompted to retake it again.
  • Outside the NRS: Email to receive an auto-reply with the U.S. Soccer access code and instructions. Once training is completed, save the applicable certificate from your SafeSport dashboard.

SafeSport Lookup to sync completion with the NRS (if needed): Individuals may now submit the 32-digit code on the SafeSport certificate to immediately sync completion of that training to one's SportsEngine profile/the NRS. This is applicable for those who completed training outside SportsEngine (via or the U.S. Soccer Learning Center, for example) or if completion does not reflect within one's SportsEngine profile/the NRS. This eliminates the need for the completion certificate to be manually uploaded and subsequently reviewed by US Club Soccer staff.

Cost / Payment:  Free.

Sideline Sports Doc (SSD) training

UPDATE - Jan 28, 2021: Please read this member update regarding the discontinuation of the SSD online course.

This online course is designed to improve on-field triage of key injury situations.

To complete:

  • Via the NRS: Access your unique link as detailed in the Access and Complete Eligibility Requirements via NRS section above.
  • Outside of the NRS: Access the course via by using your existing account or registering for a new account.

Sync completion with the NRS (if not automatically synced)If you completed training outside SportsEngine or your completion does not reflect within your SportsEngine profile/the NRS, save the certificate (example image) from your SSD dashboard and upload it to for approval by US Club Soccer staff.

Cost and payment:  $5 per person, payable 1) by the person taking the course, or 2) clubs/leagues may cover the cost for their members by purchasing bulk access codesPLEASE NOTE: The SSD-US Club Soccer online course will end with the 2020-21 registration year. Accordingly, SSD prepaid codes will no longer be valid after June 30, 2021. Please manage your purchase or allocation accordingly. If you have questions, email